SealingTech’s staff has over 20 years of direct experience providing Information Assurance and Certification and Accreditation support.  Our team is experienced and knowledgeable in a wide variety of technologies, making them uniquely adept at documenting and validating technical configurations.  We understand the process of properly hardening systems and the importance of proper documentation, working closely with system administrators and engineers to ensure sufficient mitigations are identified. SealingTech provides the necessary skills to achieve IATTs, IATOs, and ATOs (including type accreditations) for complex systems, enterprise networks, multiple site architectures, Research and Development systems, High Performance Computing facilities and large Cloud implementations.

We recognize the NIST Special Publication and requirements including risk assessments, security plans, system categorization, controls assessment and continuous monitoring.  We can support the transition of existing DIACAP accreditation package to the RMF format, performing the required Gap Analysis and producing any additional documentation required. We use a collection of toolsets designed to automate regulatory requirements, saving you time and money.

SealingTech’s compliance team members are cleared, fully qualified and trained professionals (fully compliant with DoD IA Workforce requirements).  Our technical writers and analysts provide documentation support for all required artifacts, plans, policies and procedures.  Our control assessors are experienced in validation of managerial, procedural and technical controls and will work closely with development and engineering staff to document technical configurations and act as a facilitator of cross-team communication.