Candidate Experience

Applying for jobs can be a long and arduous process. Far too often are applicants funneled into an automated black hole that keeps the candidate guessing, or worse, completely ignored.  At SealingTech, we are conscious of your time and strive to provide each applicant with a positive candidate experience. This is done by providing prompt communication, constructive feedback and process transparency. Here is an inside look into our recruitment strategy process and what you can expect as an applicant.

You see an open position on our website or job board, should you apply?

Heck yes! If the job description appeals to you, if the company culture appeals to you, if you have the desired skills and expertise, apply! Government contracting is an ever changing industry– for this reason, we often consider various candidates for various projects and positions, both new and existing. Do not be discouraged if you see that one of our job postings is a repeat or that a posting has been posted for 30+ days. We work very hard to strategically place the right candidate on the right project with the right team– if you feel like you have what it takes, we want to talk to you.

What is the application process?

SealingTech’s application process should not take more than 10 minutes to complete for any given job opening.  SealingTech utilizes an Easy Apply system which directs the candidate to our Applicant Tracking System, ApplicantPro.  The candidate will first provide the following information: Name, E-mail Address, Most updated résumé of CV and Cover Letter (Optional)

The candidate will then answer a series of pre-screening questions. These questions are subject to change and may differ between job positions. The answers to these questions may be in the form of drop down menu, multiple choice, or short answer.  The candidate will then have the opportunity to self-identify in regards to sex/gender, ethnic background, veteran status, and/ or disability. SealingTech is a government contractor and is subject to certain governmental record keeping and reporting requirements for the administration of civil rights laws and regulations. For this reason, we ask qualified candidates to voluntarily self-identify their race or ethnicity, gender, and veteran status (if applicable). Submission of this information is voluntary and refusal to provide it will not subject you to any adverse treatment. The information you submit will be kept confidential.

The candidate will then authorize this SealingTech to investigate his/her references, to review his/her former employment record and to keep and preserve records of such investigations.

The candidate then electronically signs and date the application for submission.

The candidate’s résumé and information is then logged into our Applicant Tracking System and filed under the specific job for which he/she applied.

The Interview Process

SealingTech’s Technical Recruiter will review the incoming applications as they come and compare the résumés to the listed job description, required qualifications, and preferred qualifications.

The most qualified candidates will be contacted for either a phone screen, an in-person interview, or an online interview. The candidate will be contacted by e-mail within 7 days of completing the application in regards to his/her application status.

We greatly appreciate every candidate who takes the time to apply to and interview for one of our positions. We encourage candidates to reapply to future positions themselves keeping in mind that what may not be a good match now could be a match-made-in-cyber-security-heaven down the road. While the interview process is subject to be different for each candidate depending on the project in which he/she applies, the one thing that will remain consistent is the communication the candidate will receive at every step of the process.

I received a Contingent Offer Letter, what does this mean?

Woo, Let’s Party!… Under the following conditions:

SealingTech extends offer letters on the condition of that new contracts/projects are awarded, that the candidate’s security clearance is granted, or that the candidate’s security clearance is transferred.

The candidate will have 48hrs to review and sign and return the Contingent Offer Letter. SealingTech will not provide the candidate with a start date until a security clearance is successfully granted/ transferred and the award of work has been guaranteed. We highly recommend the candidate to avoid putting in his/her two-week’s-notice until told to do so. SealingTech will stay in contact with the candidate to inform him/her of the timeline and whether or not any changes have taken place. Once the candidate has been given a start date, the new hire will come to SealingTech’s headquarters and undergo orientation.

SealingTech’s Interview Process