The Risk Management Framework (RMF) embodies a true transformation in the way the DoD aligns organizations with standardized risk management policies and procedures. The transition brings a new approach to system categorization, assessment, and monitoring. Whether your system has an existing DIACAP ATO or is in the middle of obtaining one, it will need to be accredited using RMF. SealingTech can perform the necessary analysis to determine any additional documentation or required procedures to meet these new standards and controls.

As a “built-in” security framework, the RMF accreditation process can be challenging to plan for later in the lifecycle of an information system. We provide the necessary skills and experience to help your organization navigate the more problematic aspects of the accreditation process by compensating for the need to integrate the engineering, documentation, and testing of the RMF security requirements earlier in the planning process and throughout the lifecycle of your information system. We leverage multiple automation and workflow toolsets to assess controls, open findings and IAVAs with greater frequency to provide near real-time risk management.

At SealingTech, we focus on providing your organization with a smooth transition to RMF, always with an emphasis on continuous monitoring and compliance. We will work with your organization, your program office, and your operations and sustainment group to move your system into the next generation of risk management.

A Risk Management Gap Analysis is performed to evaluate your cybersecurity posture as it relates to the NIST Cybersecurity Framework. This analysis is conducted by applying steps 1 through 3 of the RMF process, confirming that a security categorization has been completed, is fitting to the legacy system in question and that the required security controls have been selected and applied. Once categorization has been implemented, a level of effort can be determined that will be required to bring your system into RMF compliance.

SealingTech will assess the integrity of your existing information security posture using a unique series of processes that incorporate both the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and our own collection of analytic tools and checklists, customized to fit your system architecture. Security control weaknesses and deficiencies, if discovered, will be documented in detail, in an easy to comprehend format. The results of our analysis will put you on the path to ATO, delivering custom reports that provide clear and concise detail regarding each control and a method for resolving them.