Security Readiness Assessment

SealingTech’s Security Readiness Assessment combines gap analysis, risk analysis and vulnerability scanning (internal and external) in a series of short-term exercises designed to provide an accurate assessment of the current state of your organization’s information security posture. Each of these activities plays an integral role in developing an accurate risk profile.

Our customized gap analysis involves a review of all operational, administrative, and physical security controls and policies throughout your organization.  We will review existing processes and procedures to identify any gaps that may exist. As part of our review, we will interview key stakeholders throughout your organization, gaining the necessary insight to provide you with an accurate analysis of vulnerabilities that may exist as a result of day-to-day operations and security practices. Risk analysis is conducted to further qualify and quantify threats and vulnerabilities, leveraging a collection of toolsets designed to automate regulatory requirements, saving you time and money.

We leverage the information gathered from these exercises to assess the likelihood that an identified vulnerability, or a collection of vulnerabilities, will lead to a “real world” loss of confidentiality or integrity of critical assets. Once an assessment has been conducted, we will provide you with a Security Readiness Report, assigning an overall score of how vulnerable your systems and organization really is to external threats.