Customer Problem: The National Guard Bureau needed to update their networks that are located all over the U.S.
SealingTech’s SolutionWe used our 25,000 Square Foot Pre-Staging Facility to update NGB’s new equipment. We pre-staged over 1,000 security devices including IDSs, IPSs, and SSL Decrypters, in less than 9 months. We then shipped it out to 100 sites across the country on-time and under budget.


Customer Problem: The Defense Information Systems Agency needs to train JRSS users across the world how to use tools to effectively handle any malicious attack on the Network.
SealingTech’s Solution: Our Team works with ManTech to put on the monthly Scenario-Based Trainings to train DoD personnel to use the network to its full capacity. We alter each training from past student feedback to ensure each class is as beneficial as possible.  Over a period of 9 months, we’ve trained over 300 Cyber and NetOps personnel across the DoD.


Customer Problem: The Department of Defense Information Network (DODIN) faces thousands of threats daily and requires support to prevent enemy intrusion.
SealingTech’s Solution: We work with VAE and other partners to protect the Network against unknown and potentially malicious malware. We work with the Zero-Day Net-Defense team to protect the DODIN and its 3.5 million users to protect the Network at the first sign of threat.


Customer Problem: The Marine Corps had a requirement to stand up a virtual JRSS environment (DoD Cyber Range) for their team.
SealingTech’s Solution: SealingTech used its JRSS expertise to build the virtual JRSS environment. Our seasoned engineers laid out a plan to build the Cyber Range in their custom hyper visor in record time. We built a copy of the real environment with the same look and feel in only 90-days, the original time frame going on two years. We were able to accomplish this by quickly figuring out how to navigate an unfamiliar build environment while getting an already defined architecture to work in a non-well known environment.



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