SealingTech is staffed, experienced, and ready to provide a full-spectrum of engineering and technical support. We are able to create scalable Enterprise solutions using our internal Research & Development Lab that helps us determine the feasibility of new ideas before bringing them to the customer.
What sets us apart is our experienced engineers, our drive to integrate new capabilities into our customers’ current network-defense, and our passion for bringing innovative ideas to the areas of Virtualization. SealingTech proudly implements this capability to protect the DoDIN (Department of Defense Information Network) and its users.



• Capability Gap Assessment
• Requirements Analysis
• Research and Development
• Solution Design
• Baseline Creation


Current Successes

• National Guard Bureau: GuardNet-NEXT
• Defense Information Systems Agency: Zero-Day Net Defense
• Defense Information Systems Agency: DoDIN Testbed
• Marine Corps: DoD Cyber Range at MCB Quantico