Our Divisions

For years SealingTech has been providing complete Cyber Security Lifecycle services such as managing large data, protecting data from threats, controlling access & mitigating vulnerabilities, reducing costs, ensuring compliance, as well as the validation & testing of applications to both the Federal Government and Private Industries. We focus on optimizing your networks and systems so that you can focus on achieving your mission.

Core Competencies:

  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Software Development
  • Enterprise Implementation Services
  • Exercises and Assessments
  • DevSecOps Practices

Domain Strengths:

  • Defensive Cyber Operations (DCO) Systems
  • DCO/OCO Fly-Away Kits
  • Cross Domain Solutions
  • Android Security
  • Kubernetes


As technology continues to evolve so do the associated challenges and threats. We at SealingTech are committed to securing the future by providing solutions to the toughest cybersecurity and large data challenges that the DoD and Private Industry face today. Our innovative solutions are a result of forward thinking, understanding of today’s cutting-edge technology, and solid engineering practices.


Our goal is to see the Intelligence Community (IC) achieve its mission by providing critical System, Software, Hardware, and IT Engineering Support. It is through our strong engineering practices, forward thinking, understanding of today’s cutting-edge technology, and process without hinderance that we are able to provide solutions to the toughest challenges facing the IC today.

Core Competencies:

  • Software Engineering
  • Enterprise Architects
  • System Engineering
  • Hardware Engineering

Domain Strengths:

  • RF
  • Machine Learning (ML)/ Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Cyber Security/Cyber Defense
  • Innovation

Facility Highlights:

  • 35,000 SqFt
  • Multi-Vendor System Templating & Production
  • MIL-TD-130N UID labeling and RFIDs
  • Dedicated delivery trucks tracked by GPS
  • Physical security with restricted access
  • Outfitted with racks, equipment carts, PDU’s, and both 120/240v power
  • Capable of providing custom integration and system imaging (DoD STIGs
  • Maintain baselines that allow us to ship hundreds of systems daily


SealingTech’s Integration Facility is fully owned and operated in Stevensville, MD. We have 35,000 sqft of space that is used to provide technical services such as rack and stack, software installation, network programming, burn-in, full system test & evaluation, staging, to include packaging and delivery. We are able to ship entire systems as one unit, ensure tracking & delivery, and deliver globally.