Through Training & Exercises, we support the need for technical, hands-on training for cybersecurity professionals defending the Department of Defense. Our engineers build training event environments which consistently evolve, engage, and organize forces to react and respond to cyber events.
We provide environments designed to simulate an internal organization that acts as targets for the Red Team to attack and the Blue Team to defend. A traffic generator runs traffic across the environment and makes the simulation look significantly larger than it is. SealingTech provides the Red Team and several scenarios to step through who will run attacks against the simulated internal servers. The scenarios have been designed to represent the full Cyber Kill Chain stepping through reconnaissance, Weaponization, Delivery, Exploitation, Installation, Command and Control, and Actions on Objectives.



  • Lab-Based Exercises
  • Scenario-Based Exercises


Current Successes

  • Marine Corps: DoD Cyber Range at MCB Quantico
  • Defense Information Systems Agency: Joint Regional Security Stack Scenario-Based Training